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A Costarricence De Paso - or the Costa Rican Walking Horse, is a breed whose origins are steeped in history. Their bloodlines include the noble horses of the Berbers & the Andalusian horses of Spain.

But the Costarricence De Paso or Costa Rican Walking horse is a unique breed that is renowned for it’s smooth ride.


What is a Costarricence De Paso Horse?

The development of the breed is a combination of many factors influenced by geography, practicality and politics.

This breed is defined by it’s great elegance, it’s defined movement and noticeable energy. A horse designed by nature and refined by man to be one of the most pleasurable horses to ride and is suited to many types of riding experiences.

Once you have ridden a Costarricence De Paso you will know what it feels like to float through the air on a cloud, to flow with your horse and to enjoy the most comfortable ride of your life. The information on this site offers you an insight into the history of the breed & it’s recent history in Australia.

Costa Rica

First To Import To Australia

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