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About Us

We live in the rolling hills of Langshaw, Queensland which is a 20minute drive west of Gympie. Our farm is 270acres and is home to an array of animals including our beautiful Costarricense De Paso horses.

We first came across these amazing horses on a trip to Costa Rica in 2008.  I was given a beautiful horse named Tiha to ride.  After an hour long ride in the jungle I was hooked.  It was one of the most comfortable amazing rides that I have been on.  


It was so smooth it felt like I was riding on a cloud.  


I asked what sort of horse she was and was told she was a Costarricense De Paso.  

We then spoke to Gary Douglas a friend of ours that owns a number of these horses in both America and Costa Rica about maybe importing some semen so that we could breed a foal for ourselves in Australia.   He then said that he had a Stallion that he was thinking of selling, so we started looking into what it would take to make that possible. The end result was that we decided we would buy him and Gary also offered us mare in foal which we decided to buy as well.  

We started the process of getting our Aguacero (Stallion) and Noche Bueno (Mare) to Australia, unfortunately Noche Bueno was too far in foal to import, so Aguacero was the first to arrive in August 2009.  Noche Bueno and her foal Creyendo arrived on 24th January 2010.  

We aim to breed comfortable, top quality, trainable horses with amazing temperaments for work or pleasure. 

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